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Productivity: It helps me sleep?

We all need sleep. Some get the average 8+ hours a day, while some rarely get to meet this friendly beast. This evening, I was in the car with my mom driving home from school. We were talking about my "unfulfilled" sleep schedule. She said that the reason I don't get enough sleep is I don't get enough sleep. Let me explain the craziness she had just uttered: When you work on something and you go to sleep later than you normally do, you will wake up at the same time you normally do (say 7:00), but you'll be more tired. This is because you slept less. Now for the rest of the day, you are less awake than you were the previous day. Since you are more tired, your brain cannot function as well as it could if it was well-rested, so it takes longer to do certain assignments that were assigned today. Instead of it taking an hour to finish your chemistry homework, it now takes you 1 hour 15 minutes. And sadly enough, this cuts into you sleep again. You go to sleep 15 minutes later and wake up at 7:00; you wake up even more tired and your brain can't function as well because it is so tired. Now the work for chemistry that normally takes you one hour takes you 1.5 hours. And that, unfortunately, cuts into your precious sleep. And this cycle continues until we get a day of rest where we go to sleep early and wake up late preparing us for the cycle that will come in just a few days. We take many things for granted in our lives, but one thing should never be sleep. We need it too much. So what can we do? We can focus. Plan our work and manage our time, so certain tasks take an allotted amount of time-no more, no less. We get our work done on time, we get to bed on time, we wake up on time, so we're more awake than ever, to do it all over again.

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