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His Story

Amit Banerjee likes to think. He likes to learn. He likes to help people. And he likes to help people help people. He currently serves as the CEO of Philanthropy Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and inspiring philanthropy in youth. He was taught at a young age that you don’t have to be rich or old to be a philanthropist; you just have to care.


Amit is never shy to share that he is big nerd. He studied Electrical Engineering at Southern Methodist University and has a strong background in various STEM fields, focusing his efforts around energy production projects that ensure a better and cleaner future. He has worked in STEM in both the corporate world and in academic research.


He’s a proud Dallas native who loves making his city better through volunteerism and civic engagement. When he’s not working or studying, you can find him volunteering with a variety of nonprofits that each address different issues. Some of these include Genesis Women's Shelter where he is a proud member of the HeROs auxiliary group, TangoTab where he helps them in their fight to solve hunger, and the Dallas Millennial Club where he helps promote civic engagement among its members. Because of his active role in the philanthropic sector in Dallas, he was invited into the Communities Foundation of Texas's inaugural Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy cohort.

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