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Your 2020 Democratic primary vote matters - these are the candidates who have earned mine

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I have spent the last several months meeting candidates, visiting campaign websites, reading news articles, and dissecting voter guides published by different nonpartisan organizations. I have compiled a list of who I am voting for in all of the 2020 Democratic primary races that I am eligible to participate in. Each endorsement comes with an explanation. If a candidate is marked “*Unopposed", they will still receive my vote but that does not necessarily mean I support their entire platform. These endorsements are reflective of my own opinions and not those of any organization or individual I am affiliated with.

Early voting has already begun. If you need additional information about the election (voting locations, registration status, sample ballots, etc.), visit

Updated: 3/2 6pm CST


US President Amy Klobuchar This was probably the hardest decision to make among all of the races on the ballot this year. The reason I am supporting Klobuchar is because of her ability to pass progressive policies with bipartisan support: I don’t consider her a moderate, I consider her to be measured. Her reliance on data to drive her policy decisions brings a breath of fresh air in an environment plagued by rhetoric and fake news. Her voting record and Senate Committee performance on issues like climate change, economic empowerment, immigration, and criminal justice have helped me realize that she seeks to grow our economy by focusing on the people who make up that economy.

She unfortunately hasn’t been able to get the media attention that her opponents in this crowded primary have been able to secure, but I think when its her against the Republican nominee she can dig into her strengths and lead a progressive platform to victory.

I encourage you to read the following articles. They do a good job of highlighting the reasons I think Amy Klobuchar deserves your vote in this primary.


Update: As of 3/2, Amy Klobuchar has withdrawn from the race. I am currently supporting Elizabeth Warren in her attempt to secure the Deomcratic nomination for President. Her relentless push for progressive policies while promoting civility and unity is extremely reassuring in a Presidential candidate.

US Senate - TX Amanda Edwards I think she has a very sober yet forward approach to the progressive values that we all uphold. She also has an extremely strong understanding of foreign relations and how we can bounce back from our damaged reputation on the international stage.

US House of Representatives - TX 32 Colin Allred Unopposed. However, I would still support him if contested because his voting record while in Congress reflects exactly what he campaigned on. He has tirelessly fought for healthcare accessibility, one of the most pressing issues of today.

Railroad Commissioner - TX Chrysta Castaneda When our species is in such a vulnerable position because of the effects of climate change, it’s imperative to give the Railroad Commissioner race the attention it deserve. The Railroad Commission is actually the top regulatory body for the mainstream energy industry, especially oil & gas. I believe that Castaneda, an industrial engineer turned attorney. has the necessary blend of technical understanding and legal strategy to ensure that environmental protections are upheld, and we can continue Texas’s trend towards becoming more sustainable in our energy production. Chief Justice, Supreme Court - TX Amy Clark Meachum Meachum’s approach to upholding ethical standards for lawyers and judges across the state provides a hopeful comfort that puts the Texas public in a fair position when navigating the judicial system. Her willingness to promote more public membership on the Committee on Disciplinary Rules and Referenda affirms her belief that the values of our Justice system should be representative of the people it is meant to protect.

Justice, Supreme Court - TX Place 6 Kathy Cheng Cheng actively discusses the issue of gerrymandering which may be one of most significant issue that those we elect into office this election will be dealing with. As a member of the Texas Supreme Court, she has made it clear that inclusivity is the primary value she will embody while ensuring justice.

Justice, Supreme Court - TX Place 7 Brandy Voss Voss has made it very clear that the justice system is an institution act needs to represent the voice of the public. She believes that there needs to be less nonchalance about overturning the decisions made by juries, and she wants to improve accessibility to the judicial process by funding public legal services.

Justice, Supreme Court - TX Place 8 Gisela D. Triana Triana comes from a unique position of having served at every level of the state judiciary, from Municipal Court all the way to Appellate Court. She has made an active effort to connect with constituents around the state while promoting sensible changes to the Supreme Court’s current exclusive and unbalanced attitude. Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals - TX Place 3 William Pieratt Demond Demond’s legal career highlights his personal belief that protecting civil rights in the legal system is of utmost importance. He hopes to enact more scrutiny to the process that puts many undeserving people on death row. He also calls for an expansion of public legal services to prevent miscarriages of justice due to inaccessibility to fairly defend themselves. I think his primary opponent has a creative way to restructure the internship requirements for newly licensed attorneys; I hope that Demond can implement this idea and relieve the burden on nonprofit organizations and pro bono agencies.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals - TX Place 4 Tina Clinton The primary differentiator in this race is the approach to getting results. Clinton believes in supporting positive reinforcement methods to facilitate the access to legal services for those in poorer circumstances. She also wants to increase mental health education programs in law to make sure that judges are more holistic when deciding their verdicts. I think her attitude to support weak institutions and help them be successful is much better than the prevalent attitude to punish poorly supported institutions for being weak. Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals - TX Place 9 Brandon Birmingham *Unopposed.

State Representative - House District 108 Shawn Terry This was probably the race that I have been most invested in this election cycle. I am a friend of current Representative Morgan Meyer, but I despise the policies that he has voted on while “representing” me. A big reason that Meyer has been so successful is because of his recognition in certain communities in HD 108: many people support him as his friend but not as his constituent. Terry is a candidate who shares a similar closeness with the community that extends to all parts of the District. He can be the hometown hero while advocating for progressive policies. He has spent years in this area building a reputation as a person who understands the personal and professional needs of the population. I believe that Terry can ensure that the inclusive, innovative, and intelligent personality of the Dallas region is properly reflected through an equally inclusive, innovative, and intelligent representative.

Full disclosure: I was an early supporter of one of Terry’s opponents, Tom Ervin. I was really supportive of the policies that Ervin presented and helped him organize voters. I appreciated Ervin’s ability to mobilize volunteers and connect with voters in this district. Ervin is a perfect example of how grassroots organizing benefits democracy. However, I believe that no opinion should be absolute; I was recently convinced that Terry was a better candidate, and will ultimately be voting for him.

Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District - Place 3 Bonnie Lee Goldstein *Unopposed. Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District - Place 6 Craig Smith *Unopposed. Justice, 5th Court of Appeals District - Place 8 Dennise Garcia *Unopposed.

District Judge, 95th Judicial District Monica Purdy *Unopposed. District Judge, 162nd Judicial District Maricela Moore Moore has made an effort to reach out to the people in her constituency and has been public about her policy platforms. I am able to make a more informed decision to support her than her opponent who has made it difficult to learn about her platform.

District Judge, 254th Judicial District Sandre S. Moncriffe Whether its the huge support she’s gathered from community organizations around the region or her track record as an Assistant District Attorney, Moncriffe has proven to have the perfect blend of public service experience and legal acumen to make a great Judge.

District Judge, Criminal Court 2 Nancy Kennedy *Unopposed. District Judge, Criminal Court 3 Audra Riley Riley’s work as an Assistant District Attorney has shown that her approach to law is considerate of the well-being of society at-large and the parties involved. Her personal ethics complement her desire for justice masterfully and make her a strong candidate for Judge.

District Judge, Criminal Court 4 Dominique Collins *Unopposed.

Sheriff, Dallas County Marian Brown Having served as Sheriff for over a year, Brown has proven how effective her leadership can be in building a relationship between officers and their community. Her work to overhaul some practices and ensure safer and cleaner facilities in county jails. She has also successfully worked with the District Attorney to ensure that justice is carried out strategically.

Tax Assessor-Collector, Dallas County John R. Ames *Unopposed.

Democratic Party Chair, Dallas County Carol Donovan Donovan has worked hard to make sure that the County-wide positions are filled by people who subscribe to progressive policies. She is involved in a variety of community organizations that advocate for policies that may not directly impact her own life, but ultimately strengthen our community. Dallas is becoming younger by the day as more young adults are moving into the region; I hope Donovan can use her experiences to engage these new voters. Propositions, Dallas County Yes (all)

While I voted “yes” for all of the propositions on the ballot, please read through each one and vote for what resonates with you. The entire statement is written out on the ballot.


While I hope you consider the reasons why I am voting the way that I am, I encourage you to do your own research and vote for the candidates who best align with your personal values and policy positions. Ultimately, the goal for primaries is to identify which candidate has the strongest base and can help achieve electoral success in the general election.

Voting is a privilege. We are blessed to live in a country where our voices can still be expressed and have ultimate control over our government. Please exercise your civic duty and go vote!

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