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Branded Bites: @nerdvana

Every time I go to Frisco Square, I look around and see how much has changed since the last time I'd been there. One of the newest additions to the downtown hub is a restaurant that combines the fun of dining out with the fun of video gaming.

At this restaurant, each booth has it's own TV, gaming console, and controllers. There's no pressure to play if you don't feel like it, but who doesn't think a good game of Mario Kart while the appetizers are still cooking is a good idea?

The ambiance was cool and relaxed. There was no sense of pretentiousness in the building. Restrooms were clean, and the waitstaff were so friendly and welcoming! At Nerdvana, you can chill at the bar, eat at the restaurant, or recharge at the coffee shop that's just next door (also part of the Nerdvana experience).

The food at Nerdvana was pretty good. I ordered the Second Melt Sandwich, which was a sandwich that had shaved, seared prime cut rib-eye beef, grilled white onion, horseradish aioli and Havarti cheese on grilled sourdough. The people I was with ordered a mix of burgers, pastas, and cut meats. We all agreed that while the food tasted good, it wasn't anything spectacular. The setting elevated the dining experience, and made it totally worth going back.

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