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Branded Bite: Savor Gastropub

New restaurants are always popping up in Dallas, and I'm always trying to find good places to eat. One place I've been dying to dine at since it opened is Savor at Klyde Warren Park in between downtown and uptown Dallas.

My first impression of the restaurant as I walked in was positive. The restaurant had an exciting vibe that was well-balanced with a relaxed ambiance. My party's reservation was for 8:15, and considering we arrived two minutes early, I was expecting to be seated almost immediately. However, they made us wait for about 20 minutes while they set up our table. Even though Savor had a very elegant waiting area, it made the restaurant seem inefficient and started off our experience with a sour taste.

A little later, we were seated at our table. We were given a dinner menu and a drinks menu...we were then left alone. Ten minutes go by. Twenty minutes go by. It was 25 minutes until we were seated that someone came to take our order...we hadn't even gotten our waters until now.

The waitstaff got us our food once it was ready, but never engaged for the rest of the night. I was not very impressed by the staff.

Now on to the food. The entire meal was amazing! We ordered calimari for our appetizer, and we were brought a plate that could easily feed 5-6 people. The calimari tasted good, but wasn't anything unique. And that's where the entrées stole the show. Our table ordered the Pan Roasted Gulf Redfish, the Braised Short Rib, and the Maple Soaked Beef Tenderloin. Each bite made me feel like Remy from Ratatouille. I could feel the effort the chef and the cooks put into making this meal. The texture contrasts between the sides and the main meal was beautiful. And each dish had its own flavor and style: the tastes and the presentations reminded me of why this place is so highly praised.

All in all, I loved the food, but was upset that the restaurant wasn't run as efficiently as it could have been. As a customer, I wanted to engage with the waitstaff and ask them questions about the cuisine, but I didn't get that either.

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