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My First College Exam

Last night, the entire floor of the residential hall was silent. People were in their rooms, in the library, or in the depths of the basements. Everyone was studying for the Chemistry exam we had this morning. Talking about stoichiometry and conformational isomers, I was in my wingmates' rooms going through exams of years past. We were worried. For most of the juniors, this was their first test in a college class. Apprehension grew greater as each second passed. We didn't check for a Boogeyman under our beds when we went to sleep, we checked for Dr. Schwartz (and his cats, Spooky and Saffy).

The following morning everyone woke up to go to 0800 Biology, but everyone was thinking about 0900 Chemistry. A few hours later, we confront our fate. We take the test, and most of us were pleasantly surprised when we walked out. We studied. We did the practice exams. We did our homework. We were prepared.

It's fascinating to see how certain big events can change lifestyles for most people. My first exam scared me. I studied harder than I have before, but it was fun doing it because I wasn't alone. I guess that's what college is really about: a closeness with everyone around you.

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