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TAMS - A New Chapter Begins

The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is a place like no other. It's a place where great minds come to learn at a level they couldn't find elsewhere. It's a place where students can find unique opportunities for personal and academic growth. It's a place where teenagers can experience the wonders of living away from home with their peers in a residential hall.

I'm a TAMSter, and I love being one. It's been three weeks, and I'm always on the lookout for some new aspect of college life that I may get to experience next. It started on August 21st , 2014 when I moved into my dorm and began my college life while still 16.

One major part of college life is Academics. I have a great schedule, which involves waking up at 0630 in the morning everyday and going to class at 0800. I have a Biology class with the rest of the Junior class to start off my week. I also have Chemistry class, in which, interestingly, my professor discusses his cats' lives and his weekend Bridge games in addition to teaching Chemistry. My Calculus class is always exciting: new Greek letters added onto numbers in a mission to define what doesn't really exist (limits) and how everything changes. My Writing about Literature class gives me a chance to be philosophical because the material we read; something I wouldn't have encountered in a typical high school because of content or insight.

The other important part is Student Life. TAMS encourages its students to be active in the community through community service. The first Saturday we were at a City Park in Denton clearing trails, creating gravel paths, painting and staining the wooden playground, and picking up trash. It was a wonderful experience for everyone, and a great way to get people to start helping others.

Dorm life is never uneventful. Whether it involves hanging out with friends in the common rooms downstairs, playing Risk in a wing mate's room, or attending club meetings, there is always something to keep you occupied when you're not busy studying.

I am happy to be here. Everything is different: I've gotten used to a completely new academic lifestyle and personal lifestyle (that involves me washing my clothes instead of my mom). People not only know me as Amit, but Phil as well (for Philanthropist). TAMS is a new step. TAMS is where I am right now. TAMS is an adventure, and I've already laced up my hiking boots.

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