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Qualified, Compassionate, Creative: Bryan Tony is redefining leadership in City Council District 14

Bryan Tony is who we need to represent us on the City Council. upon an unreliable water source. It’s been plagued by racism and violence, deeming it the City of Hate by the rest of the country.

But at each of these moments, there existed a person who said, “this may not work now, but we can make it better”. That mindset bought industry and culture into the city. Communities were growing and people were optimistic for the future of Dallas.

The Political Leadership of City Council District 14, which includes Downtown, Uptown, and East Dallas, has been disappointing for the last several years. Our City Council Members have been fighting with their constituents instead of listening to them. We’ve lost our position as a regional leader because we’ve held back on responding to major local and national issues. We need a strong, compassionate policy buff that makes every D14 resident wake up and remember with pride that this is a city where anything is possible and the opportunity to make an impact has no limits.

That is by Bryan Tony is the only candidate for City Council who deserves your vote. With over 8 years of policy experience and political education, Bryan knows how to analytically identify problems and work closely with stakeholders to execute a solution. His philanthropic involvement and community activism are unparalleled. The district knows Bryan Tony and values his passion to bring it closer together day in and day out.

He’s served with so many organizations around the city in roles ranging from volunteer to Board Member. His involvement stretches from Arts & Culture nonprofits to advocacy groups that aim to create a more equitable Dallas.

Bryan Tony’s creative approach to economic development, public safety, and civic engagement has shown me how serious he is about finding the long-term solutions to important issues, regardless of whether you own a house in the M-Streets or you rent an apartment on the 6th floor of a building in Uptown. He looks at the challenges our District and our city face and says “this may not work now, but we can make it better”.

Bryan Tony is serious, and he’s smart.

Bryan Tony is qualified and collected.

Bryan Tony is proactive and progressive.

Bryan Tony is what we need in Dallas.

Bryan Tony is who we need representing us on the City Council.

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