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In times of crisis, we ditch the national news and look to local journalism

A few weeks ago, I posted on LinkedIn about the challenges that the The Dallas Morning News faces when building a readership of younger people who don't typically subscribe to local newspapers. With the COVID-19 outbreak, I've noticed so many of my peers are actively reading through local news sources via their websites and social media pages. They've realized that the huge news organizations like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc. won't tell them what's going on in their neighborhoods all the time. Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, and Dallas Observer, have all done exceptional jobs sharing updates on governmental orders, available support resources, and ideas on how to not get cabin fever. While I wish it didn't take a global pandemic to get people to appreciate local journalism, I'm glad that people are seeing how valuable it is to have your community looking out for you. When this eventually dies down, I hope you stay engaged with you local press: they do what they do for you.

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