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Candid Eye: Chernobyl

Aboard a flight that granted me almost 15 hours of uninterrupted time to watch television and sleep, I made a decision to try and learn something new. Having heard great things about the HBO miniseries, I turned on Chernobyl and immediately realized that I was embarking on more than a flight to another country, I was embarking on an intense journey that would explore the politics behind decisions and their consequences, the stability and volatility of relationships, and the challenges of free thought in an ecosystem of bureaucracy.

This enthralling reenactment provided an inside look at all the stakeholders from power plant operators all the way to national leadership. Each character in this show provided a fascinating illustration of how different people respond to a misguided authority.

Since this series was distributed by HBO, I expected an engaging story line with intentional cinematography. The producers of this show blew me away with their stark visuals and captivating audio. There were a few sub-plots that lost my attention for a moment but helped paint a picture of the devastation this disaster caused in a way that wouldn't be complete without them.

I didn't know much about this incident besides when it happened, where it happened, and that it happened. I'm glad historical drama is still in fashion and that this show has become a popular watch. I learned a lot while watching this and was inspired to read more about it.

But before I dive deeper into the horrors of what resulted from selfishness and incompetence, I think I'm going to browse through a couple of pictures of cute dogs. Chihuahuas are a little easier on the soul than Chernobyl.

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