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BrandedBites: Crudo (Frisco)

I usually don't like to post negative reviews of restaurants because I like to give the establishment the benefit of the doubt. I usually assume that if I have a bad experience it's just a one-time issue.

But when I went to Crudo in Frisco, I realized it wasn't just a bad experience. There were serious flaws and obvious cases of mismanagement that I couldn't just let slide.

Earlier in the day, we had made reservations, which weren't hard to get, and arrived at the restaurant on time. As we walked in, the first word that popped in my head was "cluttered" followed immediately by the phrase "inefficient". The wait staff was essentially climbing over people trying to do their job.

Once we were seated, we asked our waitress if she had any suggestions for us. She promptly responded with "it's my first day, so I don't know what is good here", and when I asked her for details on some of the items, I was told "veal...that's some kind of seafood, right?".

I understand the struggles of adapting to a new job and I sympathize with those people. But what really upset me about my experience at this restaurant was the management's willingness to let her serve tables without being trained. I know what veal is, but if someone didn't know what it was and ordered it thinking it was seafood, that wouldn't be acceptable at all. Additionally, she should have some understanding of what the dishes offered are and maybe even what the most popular dish is.

The management at this restaurant definitely tried cutting corners in such an obvious way that I'm worried what else they're handling poorly.

All in all, the food was pretty good, but you can get better food and a better dining experience anywhere else.

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