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North Texas Giving Day 2016

Every year, the Communities Foundation of Texas hosts North Texas Giving Day, and the people of Dallas come together to donate to their favorite charities as well as charities, which they don't donate to that often.

Last year, over 118,000 people participated in this multi-charity fundraising drive and collectively donated $33 MILLION. The people of Dallas were able to help fund the missions of over 2000 non-profits in the area.

North Texas Giving Day has been incredibly successful at keeping the philanthropic spirit of Dallas strong and helping local non-profits sustain their efforts to help those who need it. I strongly urge you to take part in it this year. And like with all other types of philanthropy, no act is too big or too small, all that matters is that you care.

So show Dallas that you care! Show the world that you care!

And be a giver on North Texas Giving Day this Thursday from 6am-midnight!

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