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Goodbye Larry Wilmore

I'm disappointed to hear about Comedy Central cancelling "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore".

Larry Wilmore's show was a great addition to the late-night scene because he brought to cable television the panel interview/discussion format that -at the time- was only on Bill Maher's HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher".

And the biggest reason I like "The Nightly Show" so much is because Wilmore used his position as a Black American television host to candidly talk about race relations in the country while adding his own perspectives (Trevor Noah, who started hosting The Daily Show in September 2015, may be black, but he's a recent immigrant, giving him a different viewpoint than Black Americans). Wilmore's commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement was very important for both supporters and opponents to hear. He tried to present facts and help people understand the problems while providing potential solutions.

I remember not liking Wilmore at first because I was such a big fan of the Colbert Report and was comparing Larry Wilmore's beginning to Stephen Colbert's end, which wasn't fair. After several weeks, I understood his style of humor along with his style of presentation, and I learned to appreciate the show more. Now, I'm a huge fan of "The Nightly Show" am deeply saddened to hear that it's coming to an end.

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