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Frisco High School Walks Out

Good luck Frisco High School students! I'm proud of you guys for standing up for a wrongful demotion. Walk with righteousness.

PT. 2:

For those wondering what my previous statement was regarding: Several days ago, the superintendent of Frisco ISD, Dr. Lyon, sent an email to the parents of Frisco High School Students. The letter was a notification that the current principal at Frisco High School, Sylvia Palacios, was being "reassigned" to another position in the district. Many viewed this as a demotion, and disapproved of the district administration's decision. Students and staff believe the "reassignment" is due to a few parents complaining to the school board about her and claiming she should be "disciplined". In the eyes of many students, the school board was unjustified in their actions because -contrary to what some parents believe- the principal at Frisco High School was admired by most of the students. Many students have claimed to share a bond with Ms. Palacios that they haven't shared with any other educator before. In support of Ms. Palacios, the students of Frisco High organized a 2 mile march from the school to the Administration Building that will take place at around 12:15. The students hope to collectively show the district their position and get the administration to reverse the decision of her demotion. Since I never went to Frisco High School, I never knew Ms. Palacios. However, after seeing the outrage most of the students, I can only believe that she made an extraordinary impact in the students' lives. It's amazing to see students fight for "righteousness" and "justice". And don't get me wrong: I am not and never have been "against Frisco ISD". I always support their decisions because I see the growth that it brings, but this time…I think the students (not the parents) know best.

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