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Mother's Day

Mother's Day, the one day in a year when we make our mothers feel even more special than we do the other 364. Some make their mother breakfast, others shower her with gifts. For the past few years my brother and I, to show appreciation for the one we love the most, had done just that. We had given her trinkets that we bought from a store or made at school, made lunch or dinner, or took her around the neighborhood for a walk at dusk, watching the daylight slipping and appreciating nature at its best. This year was the 15th Mother's Day for me and 10th for my brother, so we wanted to do something different...

We know how service-oriented our mom is, and we wanted to express our grattitude with a mother's day gift that would put a smile on her face. My brother and I cleaned out his room of all games and toys that were in a very good condition, and boxed them up to donate them to charity. We can only imagine how the kids who receive these toys will feel! We love Giving. But most of all, we love YOU Mom. And please know that we always will.

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