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I Am One

I've been living this life like i've been told Trying to figure it out before i grow old Nobody takes the advice that I feel is right And before long the've drifted off to the night People don't listen; all they do is ignore Unless your words start with the words "Four Score" I was told to dress like this Something I don't mind, It doesn't make my list But when I was told not to speak my mind That's When I lost all hope for mankind I was told to be like the rest I could tell they were afraid of my best So I sat alone thinking of what" I don't know, but I felt like I wanted to change But not me for I wasn't at all strange I wanted to make an impact Something that would last and stay intact So I set out to do what I do best Speak my mind and let Fate do the rest I did something that can be good But I may have let bad come out from under its hood I made people do I made people think They started to ask "Why is the sky blue" And "Why do I blink" I changed the world but that was only the first task. My goal was to rid the world of standards So we aren't labeled with a tag on a lanyard I wanted difference amongst the masses So hopefully they would discover new types of gasses The idea was to inpire hope To look beyond physical features and learn to cope But it starts with teachers Not from the school But anywhere with a fool Who thinks it straight to hate others Instead of treating everyone like a brother. A World of people with flaws Brings out people's sharpest claws Saying they're better But can do no more than write a hurtful letter But while my message may only be heard by a few Know that the future depends solely on You With the ability to make a choice You must share your voice To escape the binds of "the norm" And learn to take your own form All I have is one request: Find what your are and be the best For You know "who" you are But with just that you may not go very far It is up to you to start your own legacy That starts with a simple letter: C See what you are See what you will become See how you change the Earth See how you will be among the stars See that you will be one for which others drum See that you have worth See you are the one See you have already won.

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