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Happy Mother's Day, mom

Happy Mother's Day Mom! My gift to you is another weekend where I'm out of your hair.

and this:

Thank you mom. You're super cool. From when I'm hungry or Dave's drowning in the pool to every afternoon when you pick me up from school

Thank you mom. You're not lame. You wake up everyday make sure that we do the same You comfort Dave and I when all we feel is pain.

Thank you mom. You're the best Oft we may not get along because we're stressed But then we resolve the issue and move along with jest

Thank you mom. You're the one I care most about. You make awesome turkey sandwiches and steelhead trout You made me an Eagle Scout


Thank you mom. You're amazing I'm always grateful that I'm under your wing. Whether Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring.

Thank you mom. You're better than ok. You make sure that I'm never led astray. That's why I love you even when it isn't Mother's Day.

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