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Don't Quote Me

To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature.

-Auguste Rodin

Take a moment to take in the words of famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin. But to truly understand this quote you must break this ten word phrase up into three parts.

1) [To the artist]

This phrase makes everyone equal as it calls for the imagination of the reader. Imagination, regardless of the person's background, is infinite; it's something that can make something into nothing while still being nothing. An artist is one who expresses his or her emotions and experiences through various mediums as sought fit. Emotions can be unique to each person in this universe. Even though you've either said or heard the words "I know how you feel", it would be impossible to actually have the same feelings as the other person. With this line, we enter the "imagination's" mind.

2) [there is never anything]

This phrase, at a glance, means that nothing is present, but look a little closer and you'll see there is much more than a mere nothing. Take this line with a little bit of the last analysis with the idea of eternity and infinity. When there is never anything, there never was, never is, and never will be.

3) [ugly in nature]

This phrase is almost an oxymoron. How can nature be ugly? It was given to us to enjoy and embrace the beauty of the place we call home. The only way nature is ugly is when you see the human impact on it. We make the beautiful into something ugly just to create something temporarily. The ugliness in nature is not evident, meaning it's not there. It never was. It never will be for all eternity.

So put it together: [in the open mind of a person who wants to express himself or herself] [exists no trace of existence] [of bad in a good world]

From another mind comes these quotes, but take it upon yourself to figure out what it really means. Who knows what you'll find...

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