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United Way of Metropolitan Dallas announces AT&T's Anne Chow as 2020 Campaign Chair

Headshot of AT&T's Anne Chow
Anne Chow, UWMD 2020 Campaign Chair

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas (UWMD) does an incredible job engaging major businesses in Dallas with charitable programs throughout the community.

Each year, UWMD announces a Campaign Chair, a volunteer position to help lead the foundation's annual fundraising campaign. This individual uses their platform as a leader in the business community to fundraise for nonprofits across the region and engage employee bases with local philanthropy.

This year, I'm so excited to hear that Anne Chow, CEO of AT&T Business, will be serving as the 2020 Campaign Chair! Whether I was interning at AT&T or an active Dallasite noticing how integrated AT&T is with their neighbors, I knew of Anne's leadership and eagerness to be a voice for the voiceless. Her attitude in the workplace radiates outside of her business unit and contributes to the inclusive and innovative culture found at the company.

This will be an interesting year fundraising for United Way and for other charities with the COVID-19 outbreak affecting people's general giving behaviors, but I believe Anne can rally the people of Dallas together to help address the needs of our city!

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