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SMU students come together to make over two thousand meals for the homeless

College students are always looking for new ways to spend their free time. Many try to spend that time giving back to their community. SMU students are no different, hosting several community service events throughout the year for all students to join.

Morrison-McGinnis (MoMac) Commons, a residence hall on campus, worked with a local company to organize a service event that would help address the issue of local hunger in the Dallas area. The company they organized the event with is TangoTab. TangoTab dedicates itself to solving hunger in our local communities through an app that donates a meal to the hungry every time a user checks in at participating restaurants on the app.

TangoTab hosts Feed The City events around the country where people come together and make sandwiches and snack-packs that will be distributed to local food pantries the same day. This past Saturday, MoMac leadership put on Feed the City: SMU in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center and mobilized students from across campus to create over 2,000 meals. The meals would be taken to SoupMobile, a food pantry in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas by some of the volunteers.

Students were reportedly really excited to have a Feed The City event on campus - some had gone to these events off campus before They could "feel the impact" that they were making when they saw all of the meals arranged in the front of the room.

With so many opportunities to serve their community like the one seen this weekend, SMU students are definitely shaped to be World Changers.

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