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Kill Bill - my new favorite movie? [spoilers inside]

Quentin Tarantino has built up quite the reputation as one of the most creative directors in Hollywood. From his nonlinear timelines to his violent fight scenes to his strong character development, he knows how to make a movie that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. In Kill Bill, Tarantino makes the audience sympathize with a world class assassin as she tries to get her revenge on her former colleagues after they try to kill her at a wedding rehearsal.

In the film, we get to learn about each of the characters through their actions more than their words. We're encouraged to guess what motivates each character, and learn piece by piece what actually made them killing machines. Whether it was seeing the death of one's parents, following in a brother's footsteps, or just applying what you've learned alongside a lover, each of the characters show that they are more than cold and ruthless assassins.

The violence that we see is a perfect mix of goofy and gory. The fight scenes were never drawn out too long and kept us wanting more. Each death or dismemberment moved the plot of the movie forward...the storytelling was always the priority over "action". The fusion of the elements that are found in traditional spaghetti western and samurai movies created a dissonance that kept me engaged throughout.

The soundtrack was a mix of classic pieces from various music genres and a few original songs. I was in love with both the film version and soundtrack versions of the song "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmeralda, a cover of The Animals's song.

I was so intrigued by this film because it was the perfect mix of cheesy action, emotional romance, and witty humor. It blended two styles of moviemaking that were so different from one another. Kill Bill was a delight to sit through four hours!

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