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Having Fun is Actually Pretty Hard, Arthur

When I was much younger, I watched the PBS Kids show, Arthur, with my mom. The show was a big part of my childhood, and I still remember most of the episodes. Some episodes would even have musical numbers. One of my favorites was the "Library Card" song. The song was encouraging viewers to obtain a library card so they would read more books and have "fun" doing so. It was a great message, but it was a bit misleading. The chorus goes as such:

Having fun isn't hard, When you've got a library card.

And the rest of the song has phrases like:

Come on inside, We've got everything you need. There's plenty to do, Or you can just sit and read.


And all you need's this little card To borrow 'em for free!


You can take 'em home So you don't have to Read 'em in a hurry.

Arthur made it seem as though I could just walk in to a library, ask for this card, grab a book, and begin my adventure. However, today at the Frisco Public Library, when I asked for a card (I had always used my mom's card and today I thought that since I'm a big kid now, I should get my own) they asked me if I was eighteen. I wasn't and admitted it. They proceeded to inform me that I needed a parent to fill out the application on my behalf because I wasn't "old enough". I was so excited to check out my library books under my own name and prove my coming of age, but I let a television show (that doesn't mention the complications of the legal system) get my hopes up. I walked out of the building with my head hung in shame that I couldn't even apply for something as simple as a library card... Once I got home, I had an epiphany. I realized that it's the 21st century online piracy was a thing. But I stopped myself when I remembered something else that Arthur had addressed: "There are other ways to get what you want without stealing, D.W.". So I just used Overdrive to legally get an electronic version of the book I wanted. Arthur almost made me a criminal, but also stopped me from making the wrong choices. I wonder what other decisions he's influenced in my life. What would I ever do without the helpful aardvark?

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