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Memorial Day: A Day of Remembrance

Freedom. Something many Americans take for granted. There are some who live their privileged lives and constantly bash on the very country they live in. Every day many men and women who serve in our Armed Forces pay the ultimate sacrifice in hopes that the American dream stays alive. We Thank You. Patriotism. The idea of showing pride for one's country. I love the United States. I appreciate the US Armed Forces so much that this blog post doesn't do it justice. Many others share the same patriotism that I have, and some have died fighting for this country that they have such a great faith and loyalty to. We Thank You. Sacrifice. Giving up something for something else (usually something better). 1,276,244 people are currently in the United States Armed Forces, sacrificing time with their families, sacrificing time for entertainment that others safe at home are enjoying. These men and women risk their lives each day they step out onto the battlefield in hopes that at the end of the day the red and white stripes are with the blue field of stars waving over these United States of America. The military personnel sacrifice their livelihoods and may just pay the ultimate sacrifice. It is for that reason that we pay tribute to those who died fighting for our freedom, and believed in the Liberty that binds all Americans together and wishing that it will be eternal. The men and women of the armed forces who have died in combat while overseas defending our country deserve this day of remembrance but why just today? Why not everyday? Most of the things you do daily are because of the freedoms given to us by the ones who created this nation, and to the people that have lost their lives so that ours are safe, we owe the greatest debt. From all of us in the United States of America, we thank all those who serve our country, and thank those who have perished in battle. God Bless You and God Bless America!

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