TRE45ON: A President Compromised.

I was engaged in a discussion on my personal Facebook about whether I think our current president is a traitor. This was in response to an Vox video I posted that highlighted President Trump's comments during a press conference in Helsinki during a Summit with Russian President, Vladmir Putin. It involved a lot of research, and I made sure to include a variety of generally neutral sources as my references. Below is my justification for why I believe that President Trump is compromised and is a traitor. [My response includes two sections: a preface and the argument] Before I start with my position, I wanted to address your comment about "whatever CNN told [me]": I'm pretty good at identifying

‘Skintight’ shakes up the horror genre by capturing a feeling of uncertainty unlike any other

In only sixteen minutes, ‘Skintight’ director, Ciara Boniface elicits a feeling of enthralling discomfort like no other in her latest short film. This thriller follows Robyn (played by Morgan Calhoun), a young black woman who has recently moved to a small Texas town. Since she arrived, she has received multiple cryptic letters from an unknown source. She confides in her friends and notices that many of the townspeople are acting increasingly stranger. She begins seeking answers about what is going on in this town. Through Boniface’s simple and intentional storytelling, the audience is constantly juggling between a state of apprehension and one of relief. The plot is easy to follow - the well

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