SMU students come together to make over two thousand meals for the homeless

College students are always looking for new ways to spend their free time. Many try to spend that time giving back to their community. SMU students are no different, hosting several community service events throughout the year for all students to join. Morrison-McGinnis (MoMac) Commons, a residence hall on campus, worked with a local company to organize a service event that would help address the issue of local hunger in the Dallas area. The company they organized the event with is TangoTab. TangoTab dedicates itself to solving hunger in our local communities through an app that donates a meal to the hungry every time a user checks in at participating restaurants on the app. TangoTab hosts F

#MeToo: A hushed majority, until now

This past week, Facebook users from all different backgrounds took part in a movement to show the prevalence sexual harassment and assault. Victims would simply post "#metoo". I was scrolling through my News Feed, and I saw more and more of my friends and my family post #metoo. I wasn't surprised with the number of people who were harassed, but rather shocked to see so many users who were ready to admit horror on an extremely regular basis. Our society is not one that forgives victims or even tries to understand them. I applaud those who had the courage to share something so personal. Your courage is what made this movement so effective. Before I go any further, I want to be clear about a fe

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