Branded Bites: North Italia (Plano, TX)

Legacy West is an outdoor shopping center that opened in early June and is home to several designer clothing boutiques and popular restaurants. One particular restaurant that caught my eye out of all of the restaurants was North Italia. Italian food is one of the most universally appreciated foods because it's simple yet filling. It's easy to make Italian food - I do it all the time with Pasta-roni. However, to make Italian food stand out from the rest, it needs to be truly spectacular. North Italia had to prove that it wasn't going to get lost in the mix. While the ambiance of the restaurant gives off the impression of a semi- casual lunch or dinner spot, the service made each patron feel l

When we listen to good indie music, we hear honesty

I listen to most of my music through streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud. What I love most about Spotify is that it guides me as I explore new music but still gives me ultimate control over what I listen to. Spotify has numerous curated playlists, which are regularly updated with new songs for different genres. As the user, I can listen to Release Radar, a playlist of the newest hit songs from all genres, and then immediately move to a specific playlist that consists only of indie/alternative songs by artists that I am familiar with as well as plenty of new ones. I've been a fan of the indie/alternative genre for a long time. I realized that, as opposed to the overwhelming amount

First-Year Design: A Lyle Engineer's Ordeal

When I first looked at the Lyle School of Engineering, I could feel something different about it. It was a place that took all the elements of engineering and used them to make each student stronger as scholars and as citizens. Every engineering student that I met exuded a knack to lead, a willingness to collaborate, and a desire to innovate. I was hooked as I knew that this place was something special. I researched more about the Lyle School of Engineering, and I found out about a class called Introduction to Engineering Design (KNW 2300), where students -who don't know how to build a robot- build a robot that can navigate a course, take environmental readings, and fulfill many more tasks a

Branded Bites: Dream Cafe (Uptown Dallas, TX)

I've never been the biggest proponent of brunch, but I won't ever give up an opportunity to eat good food with my friends. Restaurants that serve brunch can be found almost everywhere now, and one place that has the most popular mid-day meal joints is Uptown Dallas. The place we chose to fill our stomachs up was Dream Cafe (2800 Routh St Unit 170 Dallas, TX 75201). Dream Cafe is a small place in a busy neighborhood. About fifty patrons were squeezed into a 1500 square foot building, but nobody was uncomfortable. Everyone in the restaurant was smiling and laughing and having a wonderful time. This was my first time here, and I had a good feeling about the place. We (party of six) were seated

Dallas Shooting - One Year Later

7.7.16 was a day that Dallas was faced with hate as a gunman opened fire and killed 5 law enforcement officers. The nation watched to see how Dallas would react to the tragedy. The nation saw strength as citizens came together and proved that Dallas is not the "City of Hate", but rather that Dallas is a city that loves. This morning, there was a memorial service to remember the fallen officers, and one of the faith leaders said "Unity does not equal sameness. Dallas is filled with people who come from many different backgrounds yet we all come together as one when we are called upon to show hope". Dallas is and always will be united. #DallasStrong #BlackLivesMatterToo

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