Branded Bites: @nerdvana

Every time I go to Frisco Square, I look around and see how much has changed since the last time I'd been there. One of the newest additions to the downtown hub is a restaurant that combines the fun of dining out with the fun of video gaming. At this restaurant, each booth has it's own TV, gaming console, and controllers. There's no pressure to play if you don't feel like it, but who doesn't think a good game of Mario Kart while the appetizers are still cooking is a good idea? The ambiance was cool and relaxed. There was no sense of pretentiousness in the building. Restrooms were clean, and the waitstaff were so friendly and welcoming! At Nerdvana, you can chill at the bar, eat at the restau

Buckle accident

"Hey mom, I was just asked to share a story at Union's The Naked Stage series this Friday. Can I go?" "Sure...just don't be out too late." It was a rainy Friday evening, I was driving South on Dallas North Tollway heading to Union where I would be presenting a story as part of The Naked Stage storytelling series. The theme of the night was "_________ Up", and the presenters would fill in the blank. I was going to fill the blank with Pony, and talk about the five things that make an SMU Mustang a true SMU Mustang. I had my speech ready, and then I hydroplane... I lost control of my car, hit the median, spun out, and my car rolled over twice. My car would have made Simone Biles envious of its

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