We need to continue funding programs like AmeriCorps

The following is excerpted from a friend of mine, Elizabeth Caudill. She is the Director of Higher Education and Workforce at the Dallas Regional Chamber and an AmeriCorps VISTA alumnus: In the current proposed federal budget the Corporation for National and Community Service is recommended to be shut down completely over the next year. For decades the CNCS has overseen programs that combat poverty, remove educational attainment barriers, and provide opportunities for people of all ages to contribute to their communities. Not only do programs like AmeriCorps VISTA impact the personal journey of each Corps member, but they dramatically impact the lives of those they serve. Please use your voi

Poem: A tall order

A Starbucks order: Toasted Coconut Cold Brew Low quality drink. It was so bitter, not the good kind of bitter What a waste of time. I should have just stayed with the classic beverage... Vanilla Bean frapp

Kill Bill - my new favorite movie? [spoilers inside]

Quentin Tarantino has built up quite the reputation as one of the most creative directors in Hollywood. From his nonlinear timelines to his violent fight scenes to his strong character development, he knows how to make a movie that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. In Kill Bill, Tarantino makes the audience sympathize with a world class assassin as she tries to get her revenge on her former colleagues after they try to kill her at a wedding rehearsal. In the film, we get to learn about each of the characters through their actions more than their words. We're encouraged to guess what motivates each character, and learn piece by piece what actually made them killing machines. Whether it was

Poem: Sticks and stones

We all know the rhyme that starts with sticks and stones…. But what about the time that they made Tom feel all alone Enough to where He thought it best to run from home and go to a place where his mind could freely roam and they would all stop making fun of his syndrome But words shouldn't have hurt him He always was walking with a grin But since nobody wanted to talk to him They never knew how tragic his life had been He was never comfortable in his own skin and he didn’t feel safe even with his own kin He never came back to school one day He took his life by jumping onto a highway Everyone called him names like “retard" and “gay” and even worse things, they’d say. The day everyone found o

Dallas Bucket List

Dallas has been my home since I was born, and I wholeheartedly believe that it is the best city in the world. It's a city that accommodates the young and the old with one of the strongest local economies, liveliest entertainment districts, and happiest residential communities (with great schools). Dallas is a place for all. It has a ton of cool places that everyone should check out at least once while they're here. I've compiled a list of the 10 best places to see in Dallas while you're here, whether you live in the area or are just visiting. In no particular order: 1) Deep Ellum - Deep Ellum is an entertainment district that has a lot of bars and nightclubs where you can indulge in live mus

Branded Bite: Savor Gastropub

New restaurants are always popping up in Dallas, and I'm always trying to find good places to eat. One place I've been dying to dine at since it opened is Savor at Klyde Warren Park in between downtown and uptown Dallas. My first impression of the restaurant as I walked in was positive. The restaurant had an exciting vibe that was well-balanced with a relaxed ambiance. My party's reservation was for 8:15, and considering we arrived two minutes early, I was expecting to be seated almost immediately. However, they made us wait for about 20 minutes while they set up our table. Even though Savor had a very elegant waiting area, it made the restaurant seem inefficient and started off our experien

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