Morrison-McGinnis Commons Feeds the City

Morrison-McGinnis (MoMac) Residential Commons at SMU takes service seriously. As part of the MoMac Commons Council, I was able to organize an event on campus that would give the residential community of MoMac a chance to give back. We joined forces with TangoTab to host Feed the City: SMU. Together we made over 1000 meals altogether that would later be distributed across parts of the metroplex with large amounts of people who would have otherwise gone hungry.

TangoTab this Saturday with Travis Frederick

This Saturday, TangoTab will be having another Feed The City event at the Gordon Biersch on Park Lane. A guest volunteer will be joining us to help in the fight against local food insecurity: Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys. The summer is is coming up, and there are plenty of kids who won't be able to get their free lunches from school, and they need our help. Contact me for more information.

Tate Lecture - Indra Nooyi

Tonight was a night like no other! As a Hunt Leadership Scholar at SMU, I get the opportunity to attend the SMU Tate Lecture Series presentations, and once a year get an even more immersive experience with the guest speaker. This year, I got the chance to have dinner with Indra Nooyi, CEO and Chairperson of PepsiCo, and several big-named members of the SMU and Dallas communities. I got the chance to meet old friends such as Vivek Sankaran, COO and President of Frito-Lay, Dr. Bobby Lyle, namesake of the engineering school at SMU, and Nancy & Ray Hunt, the generous sponsors of the Hunt Leadership Scholars program. I got a chance to make new ones such as Indra Nooyi herself, Stephen Currall, SM

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