Entertainment Recap: Winter Break Edition

Over the past several weeks, I've been watching many more movies and TV shows than I usually used to watching, and I've been loving it. Below are a few of my critiques on what I've seen. I've marked the shows and movies with an asterisk (*) to note that I'm a little late to the party when it comes to appreciating them. TV Shows: 30 Rock (Seasons 5-7)* This show is in my eyes the best television comedy ever. The show is naturally funny because it beautifully develops each character (however minor) to be as charismatic as they are cringe-y. The show is so self aware: consistently playing to dramatic irony and breaking the fourth wall. The writers also experimented a lot with this show. They ha

A New Era For America

Today marks the first day of the Trump Presidency. The optimist in me hopes that the next four years go smoothly for all Americans. The realist in me understands that the institutions that so many people depend on will be manipulated for the benefit of a few greedy special-interest groups that spend millions on lobbying for policies that benefit their corporate bank accounts. My two biggest concerns are with energy and education: With energy, there will be so many people in power who have ties to the fossil fuel industry and not enough with strong academic backgrounds in science to solve our energy crisis. There are too many climate change deniers instead of climate change fighters, which me

Martin Luther King Jr., a leader in doing the right thing

Dr. King said "The time is always right to do what is right." Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day to celebrate progress. It's a day to appreciate the efforts of Dr. King and his colleagues during the Civil Rights movement to introduce change that has made this country better for all people of color. The best thing about progress is that it is continuous, and there are always ways to make our communities more equitable. When minority and underrepresented communities share their struggles and concerns, and it is our responsibility as humans to listen. Racism and prejudice have not been completely eliminated, and it takes a community of change-makers to introduce policies and initiatives

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